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Meet the
Kelowna Big Band:


Bruce Dougall,

Lead Trumpet and Band Manager.

Bruce has established himself as the go-to lead trumpet player in the Kelowna region since relocating from Langley in 2009. His musical journey includes touring stints with luminaries like Bill Gaither, Larry Dalton, and Living Sound. In addition, Bruce has lent his talents as the first trumpet in esteemed ensembles such as the Canadian Military Band, Kelowna Concert Band, Okanagan Symphony, and Symphony Wind Ensemble.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Bruce is the visionary behind the 'RE/MAX Rockin All Stars', a group comprising full-time realtors dedicated to supporting the BC Children's Hospital. Their fundraising efforts have surpassed $42,000 to date, a testament to Bruce's commitment to giving back to the community. As a full-time RE/MAX realtor, Bruce brings over 35 years of experience in the real estate industry to his clients in the Kelowna area.


Malcolm Green

"Malcolm stands as a luminary among Kelowna's elite saxophonists, renowned not only for his virtuosic performances but also for his exceptional prowess as a music writer and arranger. With a career that spans the spectrum from intimate jazz combos to commanding full big band orchestrations, Malcolm has consistently captivated audiences with his versatile musicality and profound understanding of jazz dynamics. His reputation as a sought-after musician is underscored by his ability to seamlessly blend technical precision with emotive expression, crafting melodies that resonate long after the final note fades. Whether on stage, composing in his studio, or collaborating with fellow musicians, Malcolm's dedication to his craft shines through, making him an indispensable figure in Kelowna's vibrant music scene."


Wade Dorsey

1st Trombone


Wade Dorsey's journey with the trombone began at the age of 13, fueled by an unwavering passion for music. With a familial connection to the legendary Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey brothers of the Big Band era—first cousins to his grandfather—Wade inherited a legacy of musical excellence.

During his time in Edmonton, Wade collaborated with the esteemed Tommy Banks, contributing his trombone skills to television and radio shows. His versatility in the studio led him to back up iconic artists such as Dionne Warwick, Manhattan Transfer, Jan Arden, and Anne Murray, among others.

Since 1994, Wade has served as the principal trombonist with the OSO, showcasing his mastery of the instrument in the realm of orchestral music. Alongside his wife Julie, Wade has embarked on musical journeys around the globe, accompanying choirs and orchestras to over 20 different countries.

Residing in Kelowna, Wade remains an active participant in the local music scene, lending his talents to a diverse array of musical styles and collaborating with various groups. With a rich tapestry of experiences and a boundless dedication to his craft, Wade Dorsey continues to enchant audiences with his soulful trombone performances.



Dr. Dan (Daniel Kim)

"Demonstrating adeptness with his trumpet, Daniel enriches the live sound of the Kelowna Big Band, seamlessly blending technical prowess, jazz improvisation, and a velvety tone that harmonizes with the ensemble. Beyond his musical contributions, Daniel actively participates in the vibrant Kelowna music scene.

In his professional life, Daniel holds a prominent position as one of Kelowna's leading dentists, owning and operating Mission Creek Dental in the Lower Mission area. Graduating from the University of Alberta's Faculty of Dentistry in 2001, Dr. Daniel J. Kim brings his passion for excellence from the stage to the dental chair."

Mark Doughty


In addition to his role in the Kelowna Big Band, Mark is an active member of the Kelowna City Concert Band and various other musical groups, further showcasing his versatility and dedication to music.

Mark serves as the Operations Manager for a Kelowna-based Powder Coating business. With a multifaceted talent and unwavering commitment, Mark enriches both the musical and business landscapes of Kelowna.


Gord Deyell,  Trumpet

Gord is renowned as a stellar player, composer, and arranger. His musical prowess is unmatched, making him an invaluable asset to any ensemble.

With a rich and varied musical background, Gord has left his mark on the Vancouver music scene for many years. From serving as a pit orchestra player in music productions to leading stage bands, his leadership and talent have shone brightly. Additionally, Gord has lent his skills to numerous jazz ensembles and bands, further solidifying his reputation as a consummate professional.

With a wealth of performance experience and a mastery of his craft at the highest level, Gord brings a dynamic energy and unparalleled expertise to every musical endeavor.

For his day job, Gord works in the movie industry and is responsible for making it all happen!


Dan McClelland Trumpet  Vocals.

Dan served 33 years with Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services, and moved to the Okanagan with his wife, Cari and son, Cooper in 2017. Dan brings years of varied musical experience to the group, having performed on trumpet and vocals in some dynamic settings with VFRS Band 1983 - present.  Playing Trumpet, Tuba, and serving as Alternate Conductor and Vocal Soloist with Willingdon Church 140 voice Choir & 45 pce. Symphonic Orchestra 1993 - 2002.  Dan was involved playing Trumpet, singing with with the Continentals Gospel Music Ensemble in 1993 on an 18-state concert tour plus performing with Hotline à cappella Quartet 1986 - 2002 as Arranger, Lead, Baritone and Bass.

Dan has performed Bugling honours and the national anthems of both Canada & the USA in multiple settings: Vancouver Canucks Games, BC Lions games, 2010 Winter Olympics, post 9/11 funerals in New York, Vancouver Remembrance Day Ceremonies, 10th Anniversary 9/11 Service  in 2011, on Carrier USS Midway at

San Diego… and more.


Angus Armstrong

Trombone and Music Director

From 1981 - 1993, he played with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Band.  From 1986 - 1993, he became a member of the 8 piece “Bison Band”, as trombonist, keyboardist, vocalist, and arranger.

During (and after) his career with the RCMP Band, he performed  with the National Arts Centre Orchestra, and was the Principal Trombonist of the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra and Orchestre Symphonique de Gatineau.


Under the banner of the “Music in the Schools” program sponsored by the National Arts Centre, he played in a group called “The Ragtime Brass”.  (brass quintet plus drummer). This group performed regularly in schools, and has performed recitals, and have also done many CBC broadcasts.


Angus was also involved with “Capital Brassworks”, ( ) a 12 piece brass and percussion ensemble. We performed a series of 3 concerts per year, as well as being an “ensemble for hire” for music festivals, choirs, etc.  throughout Ontario and Quebec. He also performed master classes at high school music competitions (Kiwanis, etc.) and has recorded and released 4 CD’s.


In 2020, he retired as the director of the Parkdale Orchestra (, and in 2018, the Pembroke Symphony. (

From 1995 until 2019,  he was the musical director of the Ottawa Junior Youth Orchestra, an orchestra comprised of up and coming young musicians from the National Capital Region, which is a part of the much larger Ottawa Youth Orchestra Academy.

Trombone Player

Everett Martin


Everett Martin, a trombonist of exceptional talent, embarked on his musical journey at a tender age, picking up the trombone at just 8 years old. Thus began a lifelong odyssey through the diverse realms of music, marked by unwavering dedication and remarkable skill.

His musical voyage commenced with the Regina Lions Band, where he delved into a myriad of musical styles, ranging from Concert and Marching bands to Jazz and Dixieland ensembles.

During his tenure with the Winnipeg Youth Symphony Orchestra, spanning three years, Everett distinguished himself as one of the two trombonists, showcasing his prowess in classical orchestration. Simultaneously, his passion for jazz led him to collaborate with the University of Manitoba Jazz Ensemble and various jazz, ska, and vocal jazz groups.

From 2016 to 2018, Everett held the prestigious position of first-chair trombonist for the Bow Valley Winds, further solidifying his reputation as a versatile and accomplished musician.

Gord Waters

Bass Trombone


With a commanding presence on the stage and a sound that resonates through the very soul of jazz, Gord is a trombonist who brings unparalleled skill and passion to every performance. Born with a natural talent for music, he began their journey with the trombone at a young age, quickly mastering the instrument and paving the way for a career filled with musical brilliance.

Offstage, Gord is a humble and approachable individual, always willing to share his knowledge and passion for music with others. They serve as a mentor to aspiring musicians, inspiring the next generation of jazz artists to reach for the stars and pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

The Kelowna Big Band is thankful to have Gord on Bass Trombone.


Bob Bachtold. Drums

Bob's reputation precedes him: a former studio musician in the heart of L.A., his pedigree speaks volumes. With an impressive musical resume boasting collaborations with some of the nation's top musicians, Bob's talent and experience are unparalleled.

His distinctive style, impeccable musical taste, and unwaveringly solid rhythms are a delight to behold. Each beat he delivers is infused with a finesse and energy that captivates listeners, elevating every performance to new heights.

In the world of music, it's often said that the drummer makes the band, and according to those who know him best, this couldn't be truer. Bob's drumming prowess takes the ensemble to an entirely new level, leaving no doubt as to why L.A. embraced him with open arms.

Keyboard Heather_edited.jpg

Heather Davis. Keyboards

Heather Davis, the mastermind behind Stellar Gem Services (SGS) in Kelowna, has traversed a diverse and fascinating path, from being a former Commanding Officer in a Canadian Forces to an expert gemmologist. 

In addition to her expertise in gemmology, Heather is a multifaceted individual with a passion for music. She is highly sought after as a music writer and arranger, showcasing her talents across various musical genres. As a skilled keyboard player and rock-solid bassist, Heather effortlessly navigates through a myriad of musical styles, adding depth and dimension to every performance. Whether she's tickling the ivories or holding down the rhythm section, Heather's musical prowess shines through, captivating audiences and fellow musicians alike.


Dave MacLean,   Alto Sax

Dave MacLean, known for his high level playing on the alto saxophone, brings a wealth of musical experience to The Kelowna Big Band. Prior to joining the ensemble, Dave spent 15 years lending his saxophone skills to the Lake Country Big Band. In addition to his tenure with that group, Dave showcased his musical talents as a member of New Westminster's Royal City Alumni Concert Band and Jazz Band during the late '90s.

As a family man, Dave shares his love for music with his three teenagers, all of whom share his passion for the saxophone. With hopes of forming a "MacLean Sax Quartet" one day, 

Beyond the realm of music, Dave is a seasoned financial advisor, boasting over 25 years of experience in managing his own practice. Despite his busy schedule, Dave finds time to give back to the community, actively engaging as a coach for his son's baseball and hockey teams. Through his dedication to both music and community involvement, Dave MacLean embodies the spirit of passion, commitment, and harmony in all aspects of his life.


Stephen Buck,  Bass.


Stephen Buck, a multi-talented musician proficient in bass and saxophone among other instruments, has traversed a rich and varied musical landscape throughout his career. Originating from Ontario, he honed his craft through training and diverse musical experiences in both Vancouver and Toronto before venturing across the Atlantic to Europe, where he embarked on a storied and illustrious musical journey.

In 2010, Stephen made his home in Kelowna, and since then, he has become a beloved figure in the local music scene. His versatile talents have graced numerous ensembles, including the esteemed Okanagan Symphony Orchestra, the vibrant Kelowna City Band, the soulful Jazz Café, the lively Major Mambo, and the dynamic Michael Garding Big Band. Stephen's contributions have added depth and dynamism to each ensemble, earning him a reputation as a versatile and sought-after musician in Kelowna and beyond.

Don Mackay,  Bari Sax,

Don has been involved in the Okanagan music community for numerous decades. He has contributed to several local ensembles such as the Lake Country Big Band and the Kelowna Concert Band. His extensive expertise on the Saxophone, along with his proficiency in Clarinet and Flute, adds a polished and professional dimension to any ensemble fortunate to have him.

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